Benefits of Playing Pingpong to Online Gamers

When computers were first invented, they were mainly used only for scientific and industrial applications. The earliest computers were so expensive that only large universities and businesses were able to purchase limited numbers of them. As such, the computers were tailored to the usage needs of these institutions. Eventually, the advent of the personal computer changed everything. Computers were now cheap enough to be within the grasp of regular households. This also expanded the potential use cases and applications of computing devices. Before, computers were only used to perform tedious calculations and repetitive calculation tasks. Home users have vastly different and varied needs. They needed to perform functions that were relevant to them and useful for their daily lives such as editing text documents or creating spreadsheets and presentations.

In the midst of all this, a novel application of computers developed: computer games. These games were accessible and enjoyable and paved the way for the large-scale gaming industry we have today. Games have become more popular than ever with millions of people all over the globe choose to spend their free time playing all manner of games. In the world of gaming, the possibilities of genres are endless. Several different types of games are created and sold today. Racing games, action games, shooting games, platformers are some of the most popular genres.

Undeniably, the most popular games are online games. Online games allow players to connect with and play against other players from all over the world. Online games also enable players to play with their friends from real life in the virtual world. The competitive aspect of online games has made them rise in popularity over all other types. In fact, there are now e-sports competitions hosted where online garners compete against one another to rise among the ranks and be the best.


Given the competitive nature of online gaming, gamers are always looking for ways to improve themselves and gain a competitive edge over their rivals. One of the best ways to improve skills in online games is by playing ping-pong in real life. Of course, this will require a player to get table tennis equipment or borrow it playing ping pong or table tennis develops many of the same skills in a person which are required to excel as an online gamer. An example of such a skill is hand-eye coordination. Playing ping pong develops the fine motor skills responsible for controlling how well and with what level of skill we can manipulate our arms.

The fast-paced nature of a game of ping-pong quite accurately mirrors the playing environment of many online games. Thus, playing ping pong can help improve concentration and alertness. It could also boost reflex skills which are required to make fast reactions to enemy moves.

Many people suffer from the false impression that ping-pong is easy to play because of how light the ball is but anyone who’s found the answer to how much does a ping pong ball weigh knows that they aren’t as insubstantial as they may seem but the skill to be able to control it with a paddle is what makes it difficult.