An urban geofencing game

Map Attack in a Nutshell

Two teams compete to capture the most points on the gameboard. The gameboard, in this case, is the city streets of the neighborhood the players are in. To play, all you need is a phone (Android running 2.3.3 or later and iPhone 4 or later, running iOS 7), a city street, park or college campus, and some friends.

How to Play

MapAttack is a game of territory capture for groups up to 20 people!

You can play MapAttack if there is a gameboard in your area, or you can make your own from the web at!

To join the game from your phone, tap on Nearby Games to see if there is a game near you. Once you see a nearby game, click on the game to join it, and you'll be assigned a team. Group up with your team and wait until all players have connected to start the game.

Once all players have been assigned a team, try to pick up as many points on the map as you can. You'll be able to see the other players on the other team by their icons on the map, and you'll be able to see both team's scores update in real time.

When all the points on the map are gone, you'll get a message with your score!

1. Make a Board

Go Build One Soon

2. Get the App

Available Everywhere Soon

We'll be releasing both iOS and Android versions shortly! Right now we are beta testing in small groups in Portland, Oregon. If you'd like to participate, tell us at @EsriPDX!

3. Hit The Streets!

Meet with a group of friends at the real-world location of your board, start the game, and run for glory!


MapAttack is a real-time location-based geofencing game built on Esri's Geotrigger Service, a low power Geofencing solution for mobile and web apps. The Geotrigger Service is currently in private beta. If you'd like to try it out, contact us at @EsriPDX.

For more information about Esri technology for developers, see We'll be releasing libraries and source code related to the game at Esri R&D Center Portland Blog.


MapAttack is a tribute to the 2004 location-based mapping game PacManhattan, and is a remake of the original MapAttack 2011 built on Geoloqi software (Geoloqi joined Esri in 2012!)